Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Source Code; keyboard shortcuts

Hi John,

johnrichardrinehart gmail com kirjoitti:
Hey there, you guys. You're doing great work! I'm a computer hobbyist tinkering around with source code and I was wondering how I could change the source code or what file I would modify in the source package that would change the keyboard shortcuts for playback.

If the shortcuts you want to change are listed in the Control menu, you shouldn't need to modify the source. Shortcuts defined for menu items can be changed in Gnome, although you need to enable that feature first.

You can enable modifiable menu shortcuts in System > Preferences > Appearance > User Interface or so. Once the setting is enabled you can set shortcuts for menu items by hovering the mouse over the item and pressing the key combination you want to use as the shortcut. You can again disable modifiability afterwards if you're afraid of accidentally changing shortcuts.

I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 so if you're using something significantly older or otherwise different the setting may not be exactly in the same location. Also, I don't know how you should go about doing it if you aren't using Gnome.

If you especially want to change the default shortcuts in the code for some reason, those would seem to be defined in shell/rb-shell-player.c.

- Mika

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