Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] plans for 0.12.x

2009/4/29 Jonathan Matthew <jonathan d14n org>
> > - GStreamer modernisation efforts (playbin2, decodebin2)
> decodebin2 is done.  The main effect of this is that chained ogg streams
> work when crossfading is enabled.
> playbin2 is being worked on (slowly) here:
> - the current code
> needs to be reworked to allow for gapless playback.  Requires a current
> git build of gst-plugins-base for visualization to work properly.

The latest patch there needs to be reworked for some changes I just made to
the visualizer plugin, but apart from that it's pretty much done.  Gapless
playback works and the network buffer size is now configurable.

Hi Jonathan.
With regard to the above, is there any update on the status of replaygain in the gapless playback back-end? (Ref:


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