Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Plugins: GIO Porting and

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 12:31:41PM +0530, Arun Chaganty wrote:
> Hey,
>    I just did a grep on the rhythmbox code to check for gnome-vfs-ness:
> [teju vimzard rhythmbox]$ grep -c --include=*.{c,cpp,h,py} -r
> "(gnome_vfs)|(gnomevfs)" . | awk "/.*:[1-9][0-9]*/"
> ./plugins/rb/
> ./plugins/coherence/upnp_coherence/
> ./plugins/artdisplay/artdisplay/
> ./plugins/jamendo/jamendo/
> ./plugins/jamendo/jamendo/
> ./plugins/magnatune/magnatune/
> ./lib/rb-debug.c:1
> ./lib/rb-util.c:1
> (the last two belong in comments)
> We are planning to have a GIO porting day / whatchamacallit at
> [1]. I'd love have some feedback, suggestions, etc.

I've been putting off porting the python plugins to use gio, mostly
because pygobject's gio bindings only recently got to the point where it
would be possible.  Not that that should stop anyone else who wants to work
on it, of course.

The magnatune and jamendo plugins have a fair bit of commonish code for
downloading catalog files.  Rather than rewriting it twice, it'd be a
much better idea to add a common method (like the rb.Loader thing) to do
this.  It might be worth doing the same for the magnatune downloader
code, but we've only got one plugin that needs that at the moment.

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