[Rhythmbox-devel] [Fwd: Rhythmbox's plugin for logitech G15 keyboard]

I've reviewed his plugin, and I'd highly recommend it (way better than
my original one) to anyone looking for a Rhythmbox G15 plugin. His
original email to me is attached.

-Eli Ribble
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Hi! I bought this keyboard one week ago and i'm trying to get its best
in my linux box. I found your plugin for rhythmbox and found it great!
However, it was (like yourself stated) a little "crude", so i added some
eye-candy feature (like a progress bar, a play-pause pixel image and
such) and, most of all, i included a method to start/stop an instance of
g15composer every time the plugin (and RB) is started. To do so I:

- create a new named pipe with a random name under /tmp/.
- With os.popen2, I start a new instance of g15composer and bind it to
the named pipe just created
- Showtime! :)

it's rather a "brute" method, if you know what i mean, but (at leas for
me) it works. I've attached the plugin to this mail, you can modify it
as you wish. If you find it useful, can you send it to the developers'
mailing list?


Riccardo Belloli

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