[Rhythmbox-devel] Smart Previous?

I thought I remember this being discussed a year or two ago but I can find any
mention of it online.

Most CD players and hardware mp3 players (ipod, etc) have what I call a smart
previous or rewind button. The way it works is if a track has just started
playing (say only 5 or ten seconds) and you press Previous it plays the
previous track played. After the first 5 or ten seconds it starts the current
track over.

This is useful when you're listening to a song that you want to hear again but
don't want to mess with creating a playlist. Often you wait till the song is
just about over to press Previous but sometimes you don't press it until the
next song has started. Rhythmbox's current behavior is to replay the new track
that just started ... not what you wanted. This becomes even more important
when you use keyboard keys to control Rhythmbox with the application always

Has anybody attempted to implement this kind of Previous/Replay in Rhythmbox?
If not, I may take a stab at it as my first attempt to do some python programming.


Jason Bodnar
jason shakabuku org

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