[Rhythmbox-devel] Music Quiz python plugin

I have been thinking about writing a Music Quiz plugin for Rhythmbox for a while. If you ever had an iPod you might know what I'm walking about. Else a brief description, a random song starts playing and the user now have to pick which song it is from a list of songs, points is given according to the time it takes him/her to recognize the right title.

I'm fairly new to programming and this will be my first real project, so please bear over with me if I ask some stupid questions.
I've read the plugins writing guide, and looked into the code of some other plugins, but when I try for my self in the python console, I can't figure how to do much else than start, stop and skip the currently playing song.
So any help on how to get some data from the database would be greatly appreciated. I believe it has something to do with rb.EntryView or I'm I all wrong here?


Emil Munthe

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