Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] About mockups and other images sent to the list

Andrew Conkling ha scritto:
One of those was mine, replying to another post, sorry for sending it.

I'm guilty too (for an email of a bunch of weeks ago). :)

However, I think that sendings mokups in this mailinglist as improvement idea is usefull. All other pictures of course are not.

enjoy, ;)

"The paradigm of competition is a race: by
rewarding the winner, we encourage everyone
to run faster. When capitalism really works
this way, it does a good job; but its defenders
are wrong in assuming it always works this way.
If the runners forget why the reward is offered
and become intent on winning, no matter how, they
may find other strategies--such as, attacking
other runners. If the runners get into a fist
fight, they will all finish late."
(GNU manifesto/R. Stallman)

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