Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] What gets shared by daap?

Op zaterdag 10-05-2008 om 16:49 uur [tijdzone +1200], schreef Nick Rout:
> New here and this is possibly not a development question, but I don't
> see any other support channels (forums etc)/
> When I share from machine A, machine B only sees what is in machine
> A's "music" folder, not what is in "podcasts". I'd like to have one
> machine downloading podcasts and then be able to listen to them on
> other machines. Is that possible?

Quoting moch's answer to your question on IRC, just for reference.
Hope that's ok to do.

"nick_: not really.  the daap share does not include podcasts, but if your
podcasts also end up in the library (because the podcast download directory
is under the library directory, for instance), they'll show up."


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