[Rhythmbox-devel] Rev 5650 "extra" plugin problem

Hi crew!

I've just updated rhythmbox to rev. 5650 and I cannot use all
"extra"/"third party" plugins anymore.

I used to put all plugins in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ (here the list):

> :~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins$ ls -F
> artdisplay_browser/  lastfm_queue/  ratings_export/      
> rb-open-folder-0.2/
> cddb/                lastrhythm/    rb-alarmclock-0.4/   
> rhythmboxcoverflow/
> jump-to-playing/     new_stuff/     rb-alarmclock.config  rhythmweb/

In the past, I could see (and use) all those plugins in rhythmbox ->
modify -> plugin, but I can not see them anymore.

What's happened? How can I use them again?

Thank you guys!!

enjoy, ;)

ps: as I've already suggested a lot of times before, I'd really like to
see some of those plugin (like lastrhythm, lastfm_queue, rb-alarmclock
and the equalizer in the current /trunk): that's because I think that
rhythmbox has reached a good maturity by now, and it would be usefull in
my opinion to spend a bit of time to "quite already finished" plugins
that would give a new sexy appeal to the project!

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