[Rhythmbox-devel] music on external drives


I am a happy Rhythmbox user. I would be even happier if I could understand and solve a few annoyances that I get with respect to external storage.


I have an MP3 player that I also use as an external hard drive on which I store a backup of my important files. When I plug it while Rhythmbox is running and playing, the interface freezes and CPU goes to 100%. The current song plays on until the end, then nothing new is started. After two minutes of freeze, the next song starts and the interface is back, but the CPU is still at 100% for a few minutes. The entry for the player in Rhythmbox does appear in the left pane, and when I click on it I do get the list of songs that are on the player. But when I expand the line, I get a list of all text files on the drive, mistaken for playlists. And all files that are neither music nor text are reported as import errors. I tried to put a file ".is_audio_player" at the root of the drive with these lines:
but this changes nothing. Hence my first question: Is it possible to tell Rhythmbox to look for audio files only in one folder? Maybe this has to do with HAL? And is the big CPU usage at the beginning normal or is there a problem somewhere?

When I copy songs from the library to the player, the files do appear in the "music" folder on the player. This is fine, but I am a kind of maniac regarding file name conventions. The convention used by RB is "artist_name/album_name/3 - song_title.ext", and my convention is "artist name/year_album name/03-song title.ext" (with all spaces). Not very different, but there seems to be no way of imposing this, since it is not one of the predefined choices. Is there any plan to allow the user to specify naming conventions with a custom pattern, somewhat like Easytag does?


I also have an external hard drive that is sometimes mounted by NFS and sometimes not mounted at all. I use it to store music, videos and other data so that they can be shared on the local network. Naturally, I wanted to use the music on it with Rhythmbox, so I naively imported the folder where all the music is stored. After some time spent analysing all these files (9000, give or take) I could play them. First problem: all the music that is on the local disk are duplicates of files on the external drive, since I use the external one as storage and I copy things on the laptop's drive to use when travelling. Then each album contains each song twice, which is very annoying, although I do like the music a lot...

Second problem: assume I have this external drive mounted an Rhythmbox running, then exit RB, then unmount the external drive, the launch RB. It does notice that the files are not there anymore, and happily removes them from the media library. Problem is, it removes one file at a time, removing about 30 per second, updating its display each time. If I exit RB, remount the external drive and restart RB, the same happens in reverse.

Am I doing anything wrong here? Would it be better to use the external drive as an MP3 player? If so, how can I do that?

I'll stop here for today...
Thanks for the good work (no, really, I mean it)!


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