Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Putting an idea out there: 'Linking' tracks together into a series

On Monday, 14 January 2008, Matthew McGowan wrote:

> I propose rhythmbox have the ability to 'link' songs together.
> Suppose the user determines two tracks from a particular album should
> always play into each other in a particular order, seamlessly, and
> without fade.  RB should allow in such a situation for these tracks to
> be linked together in an order in accord with their track numbers.
> Furthermore, suppose playback is shuffled, and suppose a track belonging
> to a linked set (a 'series'), but is not the first track of the series,
> is shuffled upon.  In this situation RB should instead begin play-back
> >from the first track in the series.


> Thoughts?

yeah. If the play order link is supposed to respect artist and album, I think 
a boolean should suffice, saying 'this song is not to be torn from its 
sequence'. if the LINK boolean is set on a song RB stumbles upon to play, the 
specific CD should be searched backwards trackwise to see if the previous 
track has the LINK flag set, too. If so, go further back and play the first 
track of that LINKed sequence (i.e. either the first track of the album or 
the track after the first one without the LINK flag when searching backwards 
from where you started) and afterwards, without crossfading, play up to 
(either including or disincluding) the first track that doesn't have that 
flag set.

Hope I was able to get it put into words that mae some sort of sense. 
Obviously, this wouldn't allow you to link songs from different albums, but 
I'm not sure about such a use-case anyway.


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