[Rhythmbox-devel] Ipod syncing problem

Happy new year,

actually I'm not a developer. ;-)
I had a interesting problem some days ago. Maybe it's fixed in the new
version, but maybe not.

I have a CD collection ripped with iTunes (different versions) on MacOSX
(up to Version 10.3.x), which is rsynced to a FreeBSD-Machine (running
FreeBSD 7) to have a decent backup and the better sound. I installed
rhythmbox 0.10.1_4 and I like it a lot. 

Then I bought a new iPod classic, which is unsyncable with the old macOSX.
We managed to get the ipod filled using Windows. This caused some other
problems, but actually it worked well and I was able to listen to music via 
the iPod.

Next thing I tested was, if maybe rhythmbox could help me to move music
to "iBert" with less circumstances. I attached the ipod to the FreeBSD7-
System, mounted it, rhythmbox recognized it was there, I started to sync
a number of files. rhythmbox displayed a progress bar. Wonderful. 

Afterwards I removed the ipod from the system (via rhythmbox eject + umount)
and looked at its contents. But it said "no music!" On the other hand it told 
me, that the disk was partially filled in a reasonable percentage. (There
is only music on the device.) Note: After another windows initialization
dance it's working again. 

I wonder if this was my fault (usage mistake) or if this is a bug or some
other problem. Maybe some version conflicts? XML-problems?
Anyways I'll upgrade rhythmbox to the new version. :-)

Thanks in advance for some feedback what possibly went wrong in this case.

Kind regards

Nicole Britz / Munich / Germany

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