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Hi *,

I've just discovered SpinJay [dot] com, that allows to create/listen a playlist made by other dj/users.

Few words on the service they provide:

It should works in the following way (if I've well understood):

1) I want to have a paty playlist and I ask on the site if someone could make it for me

2) Some other user publishes the playlist following my criteria

3) I listen the playlists created for me and I choose the one I prefer

4) After I've chosen, I "pay" a certain number of points, following the dj's rating and the lenght of the playlist

5) I can gain points again making new playlists for requesting users.

6) You can also, for 0 points, listen previous created playlists.


What about rhythmbox?

1. Rhythmbox could be linked to SpinJay personal profile, search for previous playlists and play'em directelly

2. After have checked on the site for new request (I don't think it would be possible to display it on rhythmbox), implement the possibility to send to the site the playlist you've created on rhythmbox following the requested criteria. It's just about to send a xml file (or something like that), not all music files.

How to do it?

I've not idea, but I hope it shouldn't be so hard. :D

What do you think about it? It's just an idea, but since I didn't find on the net something like that for SpinJay, and since the principle is like LastFM or Jamendo, it think it could be done.

Thanks in advance,


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