[Rhythmbox-devel] maybe a bug when sending wrong songs to ipod?

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Hi there!

Excuse me if I'm posting this to the wrong list, but I haven't found
other for rhythmbox.

I'm using version 0.11.3 on Ubuntu Gutsy. I usually send full music
records to my ipod using rhythmbox (I drag'n'drop them to the ipod icon
on rb), and from time to time, the songs transferred are wrong. Let me

This is an example of songs I have in rhytmbox:

Song_No. Artist Song_Name
- -------------------------
01       Singer  Song1
02       Singer  Song2
03       Singer  Song3
04       Singer  Song4

Now, this is what I would get, when I play the songs, in my ipod screen:

Song_No. Artist Song_Name
- -------------------------
01       Singer  Song1
02       Singer  Song2  <-- but when I play it, it really is Song4
03       Singer  Song3
04       Singer  Song4

What I'm trying to say is that the ipod shows the second song as if it
was Song2, but when you listen to the song you realize it's Song4.maybe
~ Then you go to song number 4 and play it and it's Song4, so it's not
that the songs are swapped.

I have no idea wether this is a RB problem or my ipod's. It's been so
long since I've used itunes or any other program to send songs to my ipod.

Has anybody heard from or experienced this problem?


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