[Rhythmbox-devel] Logitech G15 Plugin updated

Hi Guys,

I made a quick change to the latest plugin I could find. I added the following:

- On song change bring app to front (display on screen)
- 5 seconds later, push the app to background if it wasn't in the foreground at the start.

I find these features nice, since I like to monitor other stuff on my keyboard, when the
song changes, it's title is displayed for 5 seconds, then it pages back to what I was
doing before.

If this feature is already added, sorry :) P.S. My first attempt at phyton :)

After line 122 (data.append(gen_data.encode(self.encoding))) I added:

data.append('MP 0')

Then after line 150 (data[]) I added:

               if cur==5:
                       data.append('MP 2 ')

Hope this is usefull !



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