Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature Suggestions: rated playlist, message for copy cd

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 Corey Bramlett wrote:
> Kind of new to ubuntu and rhythmbox, but I like making the swap to
> something new.
> Rated playlist. I've had this in serveral music programs like Music
> Jukebox, in which each song can be ranked on a rating scale such as 0 to
> 5. Then auto playlist were already in the program that let me just play
> songs in a rating listing. Such as play only rated 5 songs, or rated 2
> songs.

You can do that in RB, just create a new automatic playlist filtering on rating.

> Same could be done for Genera also, but I often do not put that in when
> I'm adding songs to my library.

Again, you could create a new automatic playlist filtering on rating.
You can also just play from the main library having done a search on
the genre.

> Another feature that I've had in other applications that I found useful
> dealt with the copy to library area. In which after a copy was done
> that the cd would auto eject. This may already be in a plug-in
> someplace, like I said I'm new.

RB shares some of its CD ripping code with SoundJuicer, and I know
SoundJuicer can eject the CD after it finishes copying.  Maybe there
is a gconf setting that will enable this in RB too?


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