[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature suggestion: Random playback in the scope of albums


I have used Amarok before I switched to Rhythmbox (due to the much much better support of gapless playback), and there was one feature in Amarok that I liked very well and would love to see it also in Rhythmbox: Random playback for albums.

This works the following way:

- If enabled and the user clicks the play-button, a random album from the music collection (or playlist) is selected and played (in regular order of the tracks) - If the last track from the album is over, another random album is selected and so on

Allthough I am not a very experienced programmer, I think I could try to implement this myself, since I suppose this might be a rather minor change/enhancement (or at least I hope so ;-) ). But I thought it would be a good idea to ask here first, if there is any chance at all that a feature like this might become integrated into Rhythmbox.

I also have already made up my mind about how this feature could be integrated in the GUI of Rhythmbox. In Amarok it is solved the way that there is a small icon in the lower window corner which toggles the current play mode between "normal" "random (song scope)" and "random (album scope)" when you click on it. This fits well to the user interface of Amarok, but I am not sure if it would also fit to the one of Rhythmbox. Maybe it could be solved by adding a additional button next to the one that is already there to enable random playback, called "Play albums in random order" (or something like this). If this button is clicked, then the random-button for songs would automatically be "unpressed" if random song playback was enabled (and vice versa).

It would be great to hear what you think.

Kind regards,

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