Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Central plugin repository

Wow guys,
it seems this discussion is getting interesting, that's why I love development-centric mailing-lists :)

I'd like to reply to all the points you (Alex, Alexandre, Sven) emphasized and keep on exploring each one in depth since they're crucial (Mono-ization of GNOME in particular), but I'm starting to think it would be pointless to the original subject all this originated from.

Let's take three step backwards and concentrate our attention on the proposal itself, let's ask all the other members of the list about their opinion on the following points:

1) Do you think having a central repository for Rhythmbox plug-ins, along with a system to easily find/download/install/update (see point 2) would be a good addition to the project?

2) Do you feel more like adopting a solution like Capuchin (please, take a look there ) or you think that developing a Rhythmbox plug-in to do the job would be better?

3) As a plug-in developer would you prefer to release your work on a [ |]-like system (you upload a ready-to-deploy package through an HTTP page, it will be listed on a site and be available both through a plug-in management system and on the site itself) or you think using a project management tool along with a versioning system (see point 4) is a better idea?

4) If you think a project management tool, along with a versioning system, is the way to go, which combination would you like the more: Launchpad + Bazaar (, SourceForge + Subversion ( ), GoogleCode + Subversion (, GNOME + Subversion (we can try to ask the main dev team to host the plug-in repository directly in Rhythmbox's SVN as it happens with the ones shipped with the app itself, who knows... :) ) ?

5) Do you agree on making available plug-ins through the repository only after a review of the code for quality/security reasons?

Please everybody, read, answer, comment, add your ideas and let's see how far we can go with this ;)

Dott. Federico Lucignano

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