Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Maybe a request

В нд, 2007-09-23 в 22:58 +0200, Aleksander Kamil Modzelewski написа:
> [Sorry for broken headers, I just joined the mailing list and this is
> pasted from the web archive]
> > On Sun, 2007-09-23 at 14:10 +0200, Matteo Landi wrote: 
> > > Hi all
> > > i would like to know if is there a possibility to change the bg color of
> > > the search box. I tried using the gtkrc settings but i can do it noway.
> > > Maybe is problem of the software itself? i dont know. If so, why don't
> > > you link that color to the gtkrc file? it would be cool.
> > > waiting for answers
> > If you can explain what benefit it has, we could consider it.
> Well, there is a problem with some dark themes, where the yellow
> background is clashing with other colors. There is another problem with
> library pane headers - if the default font color is white (i.e. in 2.20
> standard issue "Darklooks" theme), they become nearly unreadable.
This is not the only problem with dark themes in rhythmbox. The side
panel headers also have problems with dark themes, and it looks like
they are not standard widgets, but have hardcoded background colors.
Though I can't figure out why the tree widget was removed from the side
panel (when it looked much better in any theme).

As for the search entry, the simplest solution is to not change the
background color.

> Aleander
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