Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tagging songs (not ID3, lastfm style)

On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 18:36 +0200, Adolfo Gonz�z Bl�uez wrote:
> It would be great if RB has support for tagging songs (and i do not
> refer to id3), like does.
> So for example, i can "tag" some songs as "quiet", others as "american
> woman singer", things like that, and then create automatic playlists
> using those tags, without changing is ID3 Genre, or any other id3 tag.
> I'm not sure if i'm explaining myself right...
> I don't think is difficult to implement this, just adding some info to
> the rb library xml file, and add support for it on smart playlists.

Rhythmbox has had partial support this for a few months, however there
is current no user interface to access it.

Things like being able to create playlists from tags is fairly obvious,
but none of us had designed a good interface for tagging songs yet.

I haven't really used music players that support tagging, of the
applications that already do this, what seems to be a good interface for
tagging songs? I imagine that the best interface is probably different
if you're doing mass tagging (because support just got added, or you
just started using RB), compared to the "everyday" tagging when you just
want to change a few songs.

If you or anyone else could point out which apps do this well, or doing
some user interface mock-ups of how you'd like it to work that would be


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