Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox feedback: equalizer

Hi Reagan,

The poor and insufficient equalizer plugin for RB can be found here:

Note that It may need updating to work on the last version.

Its quality (as far as sound is concerned) depends on the quality of
the equalizer filters provided by Gstreamer (themselves sometimes
provided by  the LADSPA library).


On 10/16/07, Reagan <reaganf2 gmail com> wrote:
> Hi...
> I've recently migrated from windows to ubuntu, and find the ubuntu default
> media player rhythmbox pretty amazing, except for the fact that it has no
> equalizer... In fact, this is a problem I've noticed in most open source
> media players... They either don't have equalizers at all, or have ones that
> are extremely poor in performance and insufficient... So far, the best music
> player I've seen quality-wise has been XMMS, which I continue to use only
> because of the impeccable sound quality I can obtain from it... I would
> shift to rhythmbox the day it has a good equalizer, which is completely
> essential for a quality media player...
> Regards...
> Reagan...
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