[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Plugins

Hi crew!!

I know that it has been already discussed many many (...so many) times before, but I would like to ask again why there is not a page on the site (http://www.gnome.org/projects/rhythmbox) that lists all available rhythmbox plugins, even if they are still not 100% stable or finished.

I think for example at:

1. lastrythm (http://usrportage.de/archives/763-the-last-rhythm-for-me.html)
2. alarmclock (http://fabien.carrion.free.fr/Rhythmbox.html)
3. Cddb (http://fabien.carrion.free.fr/Rhythmbox.html)
4. Rhythmweb (http://web.vee.net/projects/rhythmweb/)
5. Equalizer (is it still in bugtrace?)
6. .....

I mean, Rhythmbox is in my opinion far *far* better than other audio players/managers, however the fact that some features are still not released/published even if actually they already work, give the idea of a dead project whereas it is definitely not!

Please, consider this like a constructive and not a trolling email, because I really love rhythmbox and I really appreciate the work and effort that constantly you do for it.

Keep smiling,


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