Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Plugin Documentation

On Nov 30, 2007 9:16 AM, Richi Plana <richip richip dhs org> wrote:
1) If there's any documentation on plugin writing. I'm interested in
knowing the API and what functionality is exported, plugged in to and

I just came across this the other day, think it's a relatively new (or newly longer) document: It's still not complete, but certainly a lot more awesome than when I was looking about a year ago.

Are you interested in working on one in Python? It's probably the best choice (I think only it and C are supported currently).

2) If there's a recommended setup for developing plugins. Or if none,
what are most people using? Do we just write a plugin as best we can,
throw it in some dir and run RB?

Sorry, but I'll assume you want Python for now. AFAIK (having used plugins but never actually worked on one myself), you can drop the necessary files in your user's plugin directory ($HOME/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins) and I think all it takes to run RB with your latest changes is to disable/enable the plugin, but I could be wrong.

As far as workflow, I got nuthin' unfortunately, but I'm actually rather piqued after scanning that Writing Guide again. I've no shortage of small ideas. :)

Hope this helps,

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