Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox feedback: equalizer

Reagan wrote:
Thanks Christophe...
Will sure take a look...

On 10/23/07, *Christophe Dehais* <christophe dehais gmail com <mailto:christophe dehais gmail com>> wrote:

    Hi Reagan,

    The poor and insufficient equalizer plugin for RB can be found here:

    Note that It may need updating to work on the last version.

    Its quality (as far as sound is concerned) depends on the quality of
    the equalizer filters provided by Gstreamer (themselves sometimes
    provided by  the LADSPA library).


So, since it seems quite stable, why don't put it in svn trunk? At least someone could better have a look and quickly fix it, if necessary.


I know that each project is free to choose a different approach for plugins/add-ons, namely based on number of developers and so on... but I really would like to see in rb something like "amsn-extra" svn branch (svn co amsn-extra) for all created plugins, so that testing, fixing and upgrading 'em would be easier.


Just my 2€ cents

enjoy, ;)

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