Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Lyrics Plugin

Sirio Bola�Puchet ha scritto:
Hi again:

First of all, thanks "Doc" for all your comments on my work, I'm very
grateful that you liked it, and hope everyone else does.

And now, some good news:


Added is:

+ configuration dialog for setting which engines to use and to choose
folder to store lyrics, via GConf keys
"/apps/rhythmbox/plugins/lyrics/engines" and

+ lyrics change in lyrics window when song changes (previously done, but
don't know if it made it to the list...)

Everything works well as long as I have tested, it's up to you to make
me know of any unexpected bugs.

That UI freezing thing I don't have the lesser idea of its cause, help
appreciated as always.

Lyrics site suggestions needed for improving the plugin as well as any
feature you think would be good.

Anything, just let me know.

Package contains three files:

* INSTALL - how to install on source tree
* lyrics/ - the folder that has it all
* - some small patch for proper Makefile creation

Well, that's all.

Hope you like it.


Hi Sirio, I'm trying to compile rhythmbox with your patch/plugin, but I get an error at ./ step: installing `./INSTALL' required file `plugins/lyrics/lyrics/' not found

I've tried even with fresh sources in a new folder, but it stops at the same step.

In that folder there is a "", maybe it's just a mispelling issue?

Can you have a look at it? please?


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