Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] suggestion

>>>>> "HJ" == Hugh Jacobs  writes:

HJ> i don't know if this is the right way to go about making a
HJ> suggestion, so apologies if it isn't.  anyways, basically my
HJ> suggestion is with regard to the album art cover display plug-in.

HJ> i just think it would be nice if it first checked the mp3 tag for
HJ> a pic

There's an open bug on this already, but nobody's working on it right

HJ> then the folder the mp3 resides in, 

It already does this, it looks in the album directory for an image 
with a filename starting with one of:

IMAGE_NAMES = ["cover", "album", "albumart", ".folder", "folder"]

followed by a standard image suffix, e.g. .jpg, .gif, .png etc.  So it
will match: cover.png, Cover.png, album.jpg, Albumart.gif etc.

HJ> the only after not finding in those places, going and fetching
HJ> from the net.

HJ> the reason why i dont think fetching the cover directly from the
HJ> net, is often it will fetch the wrong cover art, and there are
HJ> many people who take great effort in making sure their own mp3
HJ> collection has all the cover art.  anyways, just a suggestion.

If you have the cover in one of the suggested formats in the current
directory it will do what you expect, and only if it can't find that
filename it will look on the net.  There is open bug with a patch that
adds support for a "cover manager" which will allow the user to
specifically choose which file to use as cover art and allow the user
to select from multiple matches on Amazon:

Hope this helps.


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