Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Bugreport #2

Frosty wrote:
I think that I've found a reason of crush: Rhythmbox crashes when it can't download a cover of a now playing album, I've tested it on 5 different albuns, and all times when cover was loaded no crush happend, and when t can't download a cover it crushes

Could you file a bug report? Important information would include the version of Rhythmbox, and probably the name of some albums & artists that cause the trouble and file type (mp3, ogg, etc). For example, the problem may only occur when searching in certain languages.
Tip - Rhythmbox is filed under classification "Other"

As this seems to happen to you repeatedly, you could try helping to debug the problem. If you start a command prompt, then load rhythmbox in debug mode like this:

rhythmbox -d > rhythmbox_debug.txt

Then once RB has crashed, attach this file, rhythmbox_debug.txt, to your bug report.


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