Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Right side bar for Rhythmbox

Adolfo González Blázquez wrote:

I would like to know if is there any chance to get a right side bar for
RB, like the one on left, so plugins can put their stuff there.

In this sidebar you can get the Queue playlist [1], the lyrics [2],
album related information, and future plugins, like a Wikipedia plugin,
web stuff, and whatever you imagine.

I propose this one more time because i think is really neccesary. For
example, the Queue playlist is right now quite unusable, because the Art
plugin makes the left side bar so small for this queue...

I know this have been discussed before, but in those times where the
screens are getting bigger, the space is not anymore a problem.

I've attached 2 mockups. The right bar should have a combobox to select
what info you want to see in it (wikipedia, lyrics, album info, queue

Hope this will get into Rhythmbox!

-- adolfo


I really like the way that looks. Would it display info of the selected song, or the song that is currently playing?


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