Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Equalizer

Hi all:

Please people, don't fight.

I know nothing of sound engineering and my sound card drivers don't allow me to equalize, I think this is pretty common for most rhythmbox users, and I think an EQ would greatly enhance rhythmbox and would make it really apart from all other audio players for linux.

Come on, iTunes has it, and everybody is happy with iTunes having it, so why not make ourselves happy too with one?

After all, if you don't like it, well, disable the plugin and that's all!! But let us users who need it, have it.

Let us face it, an EQ is a great addition to rhythmbox as it would be to any music player, so I vote for making it happen.

If there's anything I can help with making it, here I am. I know nothing of gstreamer but I know a little python and pygtk.


Sirio Bolaños, México

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