[Rhythmbox-devel] AC3 support?

I have some AC3 files (5.1 soundtracks of DVDs) that I'd like to add to my
database of music and play from Rhythmbox (and MusicPD as well,

Problem is that Rhythmbox doesn't seem to pay attention to it, so I presume
it doesn't support it?  Gstreamer recognizes the format, so some of the
underlying support is available.  It seems that one problem is that the AC3
has no provision for tags/comments.

Is there some kind of AC3 support in Rythmbox?  If so how does it work?
Should I try to place the AC3 stream within an Ogg or m4a container?
How could I add tags/comments to it?

Of course, I can convert it to some other format, but it's undesirable since
we're talking about lossy compression.

Any idea?


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