Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] random smart playlist?

>>>>> "MR" == Matt Robertson  writes:

MR> Before requesting this feature, I wanted to see if a) it already
MR> exists and I've just overlooked it or b) it's already been
MR> requested.  After browsing the docs and Bugzilla I haven't found
MR> anything.

Yep, I filed exactly that as an enhancement request: 

MR> What I'd like to do is have the smart playlist creator pick a
MR> random subset of songs based on my criteria.  Currently it will
MR> either pick them all, or if a limitation (MBs, time, etc.) is
MR> reached, pick them in some ordered way.  For instance I might end
MR> up with all the songs that come from albums beginning with 'A'.
MR> Is there any way to get a randomized subset?  If not, should this
MR> be requested as an enhancement?

I started working on it a while back but didn't finish it.  I got
stuck trying to figure out how to represent the sorting order in the
RB data structures.  If I get time I'd like to look at it again, but
if somebody else is feeling more motivated and has a good grasp of the
RB internals, please go for it...


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