[Rhythmbox-devel] Problems with a particular NPR podcast: The Story


I am running Edubuntu 6.10 with RhythmBox 0.9.6. I am subscribing to a number of radio podcasts, but am having problems with only one of them:

American Public Media's "The Story"

The XML of the podcast is:


The listings come down fine, but each download shows up as "Failed". When I go looking for the files, interestingly enough the .mp3's are there. I have contacted the show's producers and they tell me that they have tested with Fedora 6 and RhythmBox 0.9.4 and everything works. The subscription has worked for me before on Windows' machines with iTunes, but now we are an almost exclusively Linux and FreeBSD home ;).

I subscribe to about 8 or 9 podcasts on this machine and this is the only one that is problematic.

Can anyone help diagnose this? They producers are also wondering why this is happening.

Many thanks.

- Pavneet Arora

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