Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Exporting playlists

Select a playlist in the source tree.  Then go to the Music menu
->Playlist -> Save to file.

It might be nice to be able to access that sort of thing from the
right-click menu on the playlist itself, but there it is.

On 1/5/07, Frank Altpeter <frank altpeter gmail com> wrote:

I was just curious if there's some way to access and/or export the
static playlists from rhythmbox to use them outside of rhythmbox.
So far i was not able to find a way to access this data, but i want to
have m3u playlist files based on the static playlists for use with
other software (i'm synchronizing my music with an mp3 player and i
want to use the same playlists on it).

Le deagh dhùraghd,

        Frank Altpeter

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