Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] wish list rhythmbox

oh well, somebody is confusing playlist with play queue again...

> 1-double-clicking an artist, a disc or a song, it should add it to the
> playlist.

no, it should not. that is an awkward and unexpected behavior because to play
a new song before the current one has ended you will have to go to play queue
and remove everything from there. quite opposite i do not understand why in
party mode the application works exactly like that... i was very confised
when observed that accidently... i thought something is broke in my pc os
the application. if somebody likes that behavior, it should be configurable,

> 2-played songs should not be removed from playlist. sometimes one listens a
> song that really likes but does not know the name... and it disappears!

different suggestion - in play queue you should have like 5 last songs played
list. songs are not removed from playlists, FYI

and we have already discussed a bit another suggestion - making repeat and
shuffle to work there (in play queue) as well. another thing is that you may
want to add virtual items in this list, which do not actually behave like
valid members, but just show the current library selection for playing (the
entries may be grayed or something to differentiate them from actual playing
queue members)

> 3-add the possibility to use more than 1 music folder


> 4-add an easier way to rate songs. it may be a little row under the song
> list with the 5 little stars



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