Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Warning with Jamendo plugin

On Sat, 2007-02-24 at 14:12 -0800, Shilo wrote:
> I just filed my first bug with bugzilla.  Hopefully, I did everything
> correctly.  The bug is
> .
> The problem is with the Jamendo plugin.  When starting Rhythmbox from a
> terminal, right-clicking the Jamendo source gives the following error in
> the terminal:
> (rhythmbox:21508): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Couldn't get menu widget
> for /BrowserSourcePopup
> I don't know if right-clicking the Jamendo source is supposed to give a
> menu or not.  Most sources do, but some (for instance the do
> not.

Currently no-one has suggested anything useful we could put in there, so
it's not supposed to have one. I've fixed in bug in SVN.

> I wasn't sure if that is something that merits a bugzilla entry or just
> a post on the mailing list.  Please let me know if I have not reported
> this problem correctly.

Bugzilla is generally better, because it won't get lost - if we (the
developers) happen to be busy and you send it only to the list, we might
accidentally forget about it.

Of course, feel free to post to the mailing list too, if you think there
is something that needs to be discussed.


James "Doc" Livingston
"Dealing with your sanity is a job for close-quarters weaponry."
    -- AdB in the monastry

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