Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feedback on album cover support

Very nice. I assume that another great side effect is that album arts
are now also visible in 'mini-player' mode.


On 2/14/07, William Jon McCann <mccann jhu edu> wrote:

On 2/12/07, chombee <chombee nerdshack com> wrote:
> Any planned developments for rhythmbox's album cover support?
> I know from the archive that local image file support was recently added
> and drag-and-drop is planned. This would be very good. I think there's
> more to be done though...
> * Having the album cover in the bottom-left corner doesn't seem right.
> The image is not very obviously associated with the album. People might
> not know what it is. I like the way Banshee puts a small album image
> right next to the text giving the album/artist/song name [1]. This
> associates it well wit the album, and if you mouse-over the tiny image
> you see a full size preview. Ignore the second album cover image they
> have in the bottom left, that works just like rhythmbox and is pointless
> when they're already displaying it at the top.
> [1]:
> Muine does something similar, placing the album image near the album
> name on the interface [2].
> [2]:
> As does Quod Libet [3]
> [3]:
> I think Rhythmbox has enough empty space along the top to do something
> like this.
> Also having the image in the bottom left is not very good use of space.
> The side-pane is already crowded with the source list and play queue and
> the users playlists. The user may want to add many playlists, and the
> album art gets in the way of this. On my machine, at 1024*768, there is
> no space for source list, queued songs and album art, and I don't even
> have any playlists. And the source list can't be hidden, so something
> else has to go.

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