Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Tray Icon Usability & Minor Changes

> First of all, the Tray Icon Functionality. Have you ever seen the tray
> icon in Banshee? It's awesome. Not only does it show the current
> playing song + the album icon in a tooltip by hovering over, but it
> also allows you to change songs just by using the scrollwheel over the
> icon (the best feature EVER). Last but not least, it uses the original
> Banshee icon and not some generic "music" icon as it happens with
> Rhythmbox.

As others have mentioned, the current SVN (and so the upcoming release)
displays the cover art in the tooltip and song-change notification.

Currently using the scrollwheel over RB's tray icon changes the
application volume. We could change it to be "switch tracks" if the
general consensus is that doing that is better. Switching tracks is
probably a lot more common than changing the volume.

Given that you can change the volume by scrolling when the mouse is
hovered over the volume applet I think that doing tracks when over the
RB icon would be better.


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