Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Tray Icon Usability & Minor Changes

Hi Peter!

On 2/4/07, Peter <rhythmbox-devel maubp freeserve co uk> wrote:
tomás pollak wrote:
> First of all, the Tray Icon Functionality. Have you ever seen the tray
> icon in Banshee? It's awesome. Not only does it show the current
> playing song + the album icon in a tooltip by hovering over, but it
> also allows you to change songs just by using the scrollwheel over the
> icon (the best feature EVER). Last but not least, it uses the original
> Banshee icon and not some generic "music" icon as it happens with
> Rhythmbox.
> I believe this shouldn't be so hard to develop, would it? I wish I
> were a programmer, that way I could develop this stuff myself, without
> having to ask someone else for it.

I thought this was a good idea, and suggested it some time ago.  The
good news is it been done :) I'm looking forward to testing it myself...

It should be in the next release, see here for more details:

Show track/album covers on notification popup + tray tool tip

Nice! However, for what I saw it still misses the excellent feature
"change song on scrollover". Hopefully it'll come in the next-next
release. :)

> Other minor changes:
> - What about upgrading the iconset in Rhythmbox? It looks kinda
> "oldish" with the ones it currently has. Even the official Rhythmbox
> icon seems a bit outdated compared to the other ones in the menu!

Which Linux distribution are you using?  Don't some of them use
different icon sets by default?

Nope. I'm using Ubuntu Edgy on a Desktop and Feisty on a Notebook.
Both of them show the "oldish" icons I mentioned.

> - Is it really necessary to have an "All - Albums - Artists - Titles"
> selector in the searchbox? When most people search for something in
> their music program, they actually know what they're looking for (i.e.
> "lets listen to the Abbey Road by The Beatles"), so there's really no
> need to put an extra filter since I know that by adding more letters
> or words, I can keep on reducing the number of results. Besides, I
> believe they tend to mess things a little in the GUI. Without them,
> Rhythmbox would probably look better!

It would look better, but I find the ability to search by
album/artist/track is actually very handy...

Then what about letting the user decide if he wants to have that
search addon? Or perhaps a way to reorder the elements in the
toolbars, such as when you do in Firefox?


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