Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Another mockup revised

I think search looks better when it's in the middle.. I think it would
also be better to put a few pixels (1-2px is fine) between the stars
such that they don't look that much close..

I hope this mockup will be a real soon.. :) I really like Rhythmbox..

Alper KANAT (tunix raptiye org)

Matthew McGowan yazmış:
> SO i made a few changes, specifically to do with the vertical height of 
> the 'Now playing' section.  I also moved the star rating as per one of 
> the suggestions.  A few other things to do with the layout have changed 
> as a consequence.  Oh, and i shortened the song-info phrasing.
> Here's what I've got so far (two versions -- fairly minor differences, 
> mostly to do with the search field):
> What do people think?  An improvement over the previous version?
> Merry Xmas,
> Matt
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