[Rhythmbox-devel] Freezing after playing for around 8 hours

I have been noticing a problem with Rhythmbox when I leave it playing
overnight. I usually put on my bedtime playlist, which is more or less
just one or two artists' albums. It seems that after around 8 hours,
it freezes up. I can't quantify this, but it's usually in early

Playback simply stops; the application will respond, but closing it
asks me to Force Quit.

I've tried running it through gdb, but as it turns out the application
doesn't crash, so I wasn't able to get a backtrace or anything. (I'm
not sure what other debugging steps would be useful here.)

I'm running 0.11.3 using the crossfade/gapless backend. Anyone seen
this or have any suggestions for debugging?


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