Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] searching file path in rhythmbox

When I encounter tracks like this, I usually copy their location and open them in the file manager (now I can just use the Open containing folder plugin!).. then I open the folder in EasyTag, which can rename all files, as well as tag them, based on directory structure.  UI isn't too nice, but it's quite functional.

You could also make an automatic playlist with title's containing MP3 to search for them.


On Dec 10, 2007 3:41 PM, Tim Hanson < tim hardcarve com> wrote:
Steven Brown said:
> For me, I rarely play from playlists.  I usually play shuffle on my
> entire library, skipping stuff I don't feel like, once in a while
> "Browsing this artist" to play more songs that I particularly enjoyed at
> any given time.

I do *exactly* the same thing.  Since I have some mp3s from the late 90's - before ID3 - I sometimes
have difficulty finding the music that I'm interested in.  The sought-after mp3 files are usually
labeled something like 01__~.MP3 (yay dos), but have been carefully organized in folders based on
album / artist.

should i suck it up and tag my old mp3s, or is there a chance of searching the **path** of files as
well as artists/album/titles ??  right now I usually have to go into mpd to find my crusty old mp3s,
since that lets you search the path.  but mpd does not let you shuffle the entire collection
(easily, (i think))

I would be willing to code this up myself - since I assume rhythmbox knows the paths of it's mp3s so
should be kinda easy - but I tried for a bit to compile rb and was frustrated :/

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