Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Layout ideas (mockups)

well my comments on your mockups.

On Dec 8, 2007 4:58 AM, Steven Brown <steven w j brown gmail com> wrote:

> I've included two layout ideas, each with two states: the sidebar and
> browser both visible, and both hidden.  They only differ from each
> other in the ways the sidebar and browser are toggled.
Another option would be let the little hide/show browser button that
actually exits and possible add another button to show/hide sidebar or
change the actual button to a set layout, between Show 3 panes, show
the two horizontal: Browser and Entry list and so on.

> Currently,
> I haven't figured out a really good way to deal with the large space
> to the right of the song info box.  Of course, extensions could go
> here, like "Love Song" in or other plugins.
Can be, but I really need a long time bar to select the right second
of my progressive metal/classical music.

> Brief overview of the imaginary main controls:

Instead of merging the Song info in one little box, having the album
cover show to the left of the name of song, artist and album (if the
art display plugin is available) does almost the same, without the
lose of the long progress bar. So basically we move the artdisplay
area from sidebar to control button bar.

>  - The play button toggles to a Pause button, if the track can be
> paused.  Otherwise (for streaming) it toggles to a Stop button.

Seems to me that is how it works but the icon isn't changed, are you
sure that in the past this wasn't how it worked? at least the
play/pause change of icon I can recall that I saw it.

>  - Clicking the Forward and Rewind buttons, will skip, as usual.
> Clicking and holding them, however, will scan at a SANE speed.  This
> is how iTunes works, I'm told.  Will have alternative designs later.

Sounds good, but having the good old progress bar doing that job, I'm
not sure if it add a feature that clash with another without a real
benefict, what can be good is to have a keybinding to advance the
song, so we have the progress bar to mouse and this keybinding to

>  - Albums in the Album browser should have album art displayed next to
> them (not in mockups, see here:

I like it, does RB allows that kind of editing browser to plugins?

>  - Search is more like Banshee's.
And how is Banshee's search? But two points:
I change the scope of search with ONE click right now.
Putting the search in the other side of the window from the browser
makes them hard to reach, I don't like this, I think they must be
together, because they have a similar and complementary function: help
me to select what I want to listen, the list in the entry lists is a
combo between the seleccion in the browser and the filter in search.

> Anyway, comments so far?
Edgar A. Luna

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