Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Layout ideas (mockups)

On Dec 8, 2007 5:58 PM, Steven Brown <steven w j brown gmail com> wrote:
> I love RB, but I don't think I'm the only one who would like to see
> the UI undergo some significant changes.  It would be great if we
> could get some discussion going here on the list and then reach a
> reasonable consensus for goals.
> I've spent a long time over the past week designing what I believe to
> be a better UI for Rhythmbox.  (I started off with one little thing,
> and it just snowballed from there until I was making modifications
> everywhere.)  I have searched through bugzilla, and I will provide
> detailed rationale eventually (I plan to do a series of blog posts,
> and posts to this list), but I figured it would be fun to get some
> early feedback.  Everybody loves screenshots!  Er... mockups.
> I've included two layout ideas, each with two states: the sidebar and
> browser both visible, and both hidden.  They only differ from each
> other in the ways the sidebar and browser are toggled.  But they both
> differ from the original Rhythmbox in many ways.  I won't be reviewing
> the sidebar's layout... and what's there now is just filler.  I'm
> mostly messing around with the buttons, main controls, and search...
> and I'll go over alternatives and details for them later.  Currently,
> I haven't figured out a really good way to deal with the large space
> to the right of the song info box.  Of course, extensions could go
> here, like "Love Song" in or other plugins.
> Brief overview of the imaginary main controls:
>  - The play button toggles to a Pause button, if the track can be
> paused.  Otherwise (for streaming) it toggles to a Stop button.
>  - Clicking the Forward and Rewind buttons, will skip, as usual.
> Clicking and holding them, however, will scan at a SANE speed.  This
> is how iTunes works, I'm told.  Will have alternative designs later.
>  - Albums in the Album browser should have album art displayed next to
> them (not in mockups, see here:
>  - Search is more like Banshee's.

Current search is good. Why make it like Banshe's?

> Anyway, comments so far?

Another comment is you waste too much space on the top-right.

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