Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] .wma music files

Alexandre wrote:
> While at it, what plugins should I need to play m4a files?

The faad plugin in gst-plugins-bad. If you use a package from your
distro the plugin may be in separate variant of that package. For
example in Ubuntu it would be in a separate package in multiverse due to
patent issues.

> ffmpeg cant decode m4a for me even on the command-line, do you think that is
> the reason Rhythmbox cant play it?

Are you sure m4a/aac support has been compiled in to your copy of
ffmpeg? If the package is from your Linux distro it's quite possible
that it hasn't.

In any case, as far as I understand, with gst-plugins-bad GStreamer (and
Rhythmbox) should be able to play m4a/aac files without need for ffmpeg.
I'm not completely sure though.

There's a bug in the faad plugin that causes problems in Rhythmbox when
playing AAC with crossfading enabled, though. There's a fix in GStreamer
SVN but it probably hasn't made it into a GStreamer release yet and
probably isn't in any distros either. Without crossfading AAC playback
should work fine with the appropriate plugins.

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