[Rhythmbox-devel] features request

Hi to all! I have been using rhythmbox for a loooong time and it is my favorite library manager for linux. Congratulations! I have some constructive creitics for you guys.
Trying to find a way to contact you and get some info about rhythmbox the only thing i found was www.rhythmbox.org which is quite out of date (or incomplete?), maybe you could use a wiki.
In the time i have been using it i gathered a lot of ideas for cool features that would really come handy to have. So i taught telling them to you to see what of that things can be done (i am a programmer myself so i am planning to do some of them):
(in order of importance)
-A equalizer
-Support for adding playlists to an iPod
-Find duplicates for playlists
-A equalizer
-Smart playlists allowing to check if a song is already on another playlist, ie, "all the song that are not on playlist X"
-Song volume normalization in the library and/or iPod
-Sync with ipod, ie, rhythmbox "remembering" which songs went to the ipod and updating metadata if they changed (author, album art, lyrics)
-A equalizer
-Set arithmetics with playlists, ie, union, intersection, complement(negation, universe=library content). This could be really useful to clasify music fast.

Did i mention that it would be REALLY cool to have a equalizer? ;)
Best regards,


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