Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] "Next track" command from shortcut keys

On Fri, 29 Sep 2006 22:08:07 +0100
Mark Hewitt <mark hewitt1 ntlworld com> wrote:

> Don't know if it's an aspect of Rhythmbox or of my desktop setup, but
> RB doesn't seem to respond to a "Next track" shortcut assigned to one
> of my multimedia shortcut keyboard keys (play/pause works fine,
> though) - is there any way to make this work? It'd be really handy
> for playing on Random and working on something, just to be able to
> slap the button when a track comes on you don't want, rather than
> having to open the interface or the context menu...
> Mark Hewitt

You might want to use dbus, 
next track:
dbus-send --dest='org.gnome.Rhythmbox' /org/gnome/Rhythmbox/Player

dbus-send --dest='org.gnome.Rhythmbox' /org/gnome/Rhythmbox/Player

you can check the rest of them in gnome's gconf-editor

hope it helps.. saluts!!

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