Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] iPod + iTunes 7 problems?

>>>>> "EP" == Ernst Persson  writes:

EP> Hello, my Rhythmbox crashes (
EP> ) when I connect
EP> my iPod nowdays.  Could it be related to having touched my iPod
EP> with iTunes 7?  Is anyone else having iPod problems with CVS HEAD?

Yes, it appears that there are number of reports of problems with iPod
with 0.9.5 and HEAD, see the list of bugs listed as blocking the iPod
tracker bug:


(especially the recently added ones).

Some of those happen immediately upon activating the plugin or
sometimes just after the iPod has been plugged in.  (Not having an
iPod myself, I can't be of much help duplicating them).

Some of those may be duplicates but problem is that, many people post
a bug but never followup with the NEEDINFO requests and so they sit in
bugzilla waiting for people to duplicate the bug proper backtraces
that include symbols.


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