Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Atom feed podcast support

>>>>> "TR" == Tim Retout  writes:

TR> Hi, The attached patch hacks in basic support for Atom podcast
TR> feeds - but I'm pretty sure it's not the best way of doing
TR> things. It solved my immediate problem, and that's about it.

Excellent, any chance you could open a bug on the GNOME bugzilla and
attach the patch, so it doesn't get lost, and post a link back to the
bug on this thread?  (Haven't tested the patch yet.)

TR> I've read that the plan is to move the podcasting into a Python
TR> plugin - is anyone working on this yet?

There is a plan to turn podcast (and iradio) into plugins (but not
necessarily in Python) here is the bug:

Doesn't look like anybody is currently actively working on it (i.e. no
patches are attached), but IIRC, there may be some other bits needed
to be changed in the rest of core rhythmbox before podcasting could be
"plugin-ised".  Maybe a core RB developer can say more on that issue
than I can.


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