Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestion (quick)

>>>>> "M" == Matt   writes:

M> Hey everyone, How about a slight modification to this suggestion?
M> Instead of re-writing the string as "Artist, the" - would it be
M> simpler to have whatever sort function you use (if the language is
M> english) simply skip "the" word when sorting - but display it in
M> normal order?  In other languages - you can specify articles to
M> "ignore" like this.  El, La, Los...  to clarify - here's a sample
M> (sorted) output:

M> MacDonald The Marones Mettalica

M>   Or could this be labelled as "bad design" since it handles things
M> by exception - rather than by policy?

On the bug and in the patches so far, nobody is really suggesting
rewriting the display of the artist name to "Artist, The".   (iTunes
doesn't alter the display of the artist name either).

The issue is purely determining the sorting of the items.


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