[Rhythmbox-devel] LastFM player


today I searched the web for a LastFM plugin for Rhythmbox and had
decided to try to make one my selves in python if I did not find any.
Finally i discovered that it's already in CVS and that's great! It's
even implemented in C, which is always a good thing imho. To make it
short: I checked out the lates code and build it, it worked great, but
still I have some feedback if you are interested. I understand that this
probably is in development code, but regarding feedback, I guess it's
the earlier the better.

I divided my comments into three parts:

Just like in the lastfmproxy program, it should be possible to disable
logging of tunes played in the LastFM radio. I don't want my profil to
be "polluted" by tracks I did not explicitly play. At least in my case,
I can not use the player part of the plugin untill this option is

Improvements that would be nice:
If the tune you are listening to is available for free at the lastFM
site, include a add-to-library button that downloads the song to your
music library.

Minor things:
It is not possible to delete radio stations from the list, I had to edit
the XML database by hand (but this is probably on the todo-list anyway).

It not intuitive that the lastFM-player has its own next button, why not
use the standard next button?

Right click on entries in your standard music library could gives you
options like "listen to similar artists" and "listen to artist in the
same genre"

That's it from me :)

Thanks for making my favourite music player even better, keep up the
good work!!

- Mathias

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